Dear friends, I need heroes for my photo project!

My pictures will be the gratitude to you as a result of our meeting.

For my future heroes – participation is free.

And now the project itself: personally, I name it “Parenting as a spiritual path” or “Spiritual Parenting”.

For many years have been living with a dream. It is a photographic dream. The dream had been growing inside of me for years. However, for the last six months, I have felt like I had to show the fruits of it to the world.

When my son Makar came into my life he completely changed its direction. It did not turn into the adjacent track, it was a moving into another reality.

This is why I often feel like I there was a life “before” kids and “after” them.

My children, and especially my son, transformed my life. I admit that because he was my first child and he reshaped my vision of the world / people / happiness and life so significantly. By his advent, he made the foundation of a new me. He helped, and continues to help me go deeper inside. It’s so powerful. And it’s so beautiful.

My post – is not only the Ode of Love to my children. It’s about transformation, about the experience of rebirth, the experience of a new spirituality that children bring into our lives. And it is about my dream as a photographer.

I had a desire to make a series of photo-meetings. Every meeting is life, communication and my reflection of our “part-life-meeting” through my photos. Yes, I want to offer you, inspired by the lovely family, to trust me and open your doors to me for a few hours. I have no need for capturing special and memorable events. I just need yourselves and your simple everyday lives. I want to spend time with you, where you live and get to know you more closely. We’ll talk, and I’ll take pictures, doing my very best not to disturb the fragility of your everyday activities.

Yes, this is a project for the people whose lifetime became possible only on a fundamentally different level of awareness after the appearance of children.

This project is about the people who are no longer able to devote the energy of their being to what she or he does not see the grain of creation.

This project is for those who saw the birth of a child as the life’s pivotal point and their path. The point, which certainly made someone in this world a little happier, healthier and more beautiful.

If you feel that at least one sentence in this post is about you, about your family, I am asking you to at least consider the possibility of our meeting. As much as you wish to show yourselves, your relationships and your love.

I am asking you to write me ( and send any of your thoughts and ideas in a few sentences. You can even send me your photos if you wish. Maybe this project will grow into something strong, inspiring and divine, into something much larger than a series of family photos. I dream about it.

Please share it if you were touched by this post.